DJ – Fun Ambassador

The Driver of Session Energy.

Part Time

Our Fun Ambassadors are the people who bring the fun and energy to our sessions. The dynamics of a session starts with the DJ. If you love to be on stage, out front, getting groups of people hyped up, then this is the position for you. Fun Ambassadors act as the DJ selecting the best music that is appropriate for the sessions and will bring up the energy of the crowd. They also act as our MC leading games and events on the floor.

As a Promoter they look for opportunities to share information with the crowd about specials, events, and other relevant information that the customers might need. Fun Ambassadors should be lively, energetic, interactive, and attentive.

Job Requirements

Song Management

The DJ is responsible for the set list for each session. We have various types of sessions that draw specific crowds. It is the DJ’s role to select appropriate music for the session and make sure our customers are having a fun and engaging experience.

Public Speaking

Our DJ’s must be comfortable speaking over a microphone to the public and have a dynamic and exciting voice and personality. The energy in the building starts with the DJ. The DJ is responsible for sharing promotions and transitioning songs, as well as leading games and on-rink specials.

Session On-Rink Flow

Each session has a schedule of events, including games, recorded promotions and announcing birthday parties. It is the responsibility of the DJ to monitor the scheduling and transition of these events.

Skating – Floor Guard

Our DJ’s must be able to skate forward around the rink without assistance. The DJ is responsible for monitoring the floor and ensuring our safety policies are followed. If someone falls or needs assistance, our DJ must be able to perform this duty.

Weekend and Evening Hours

During the school year our busiest days are from Friday to Sunday. It is essential to have availability over the weekend, especially evening hours.



  1. 2-3 years customer service experience preferred.
  2. Experience speaking on a microphone to a crowd preferred.

Additional Skillset

Dynamic Voice and Personality: The DJ starts the excitement each session. It is essential to have an engaging personality to give our customers the best experience possible.

Problem Solving: The DJ is responsible for monitoring the floor and keeping our customers safe. Our candidate will need to be able to navigate crowds on the floor, be the first contact point for customers who have fallen or need assistance, and ensure our policies are enforced.

People Skills: Our ideal candidate needs to work well with people. You will be in charge of running games on the rink and working with customers during public skate.